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From Medellín to Berlin with Luis Gutierrez

6th March 2019


BIMM Berlin is a melting pot of different cultures, with musicians travelling from all corners of the globe to study with us. Second year Songwriting student, Luis Gutierrez, shares his experience of moving to Berlin with us, and the differences between the German capital and his hometown of Medellín in Colombia.

What’s the biggest difference between your hometown and Berlin?

The biggest difference is the number of hipsters per square metre!

How does the music scene in Berlin compare to your hometown?

Well, they give you free beer at open mic nights here in Berlin, and all the cul kidz listen to techno.

Why did you choose BIMM Berlin?

Berlin is a mystical city that I always found very attractive – it’s also cheaper than London!

Is there anything you ask your family to post you from home that isn’t available here in Berlin?

I used to ask for Firewater, which is the favourite drink of my hometown…but not anymore, because I’m a good student now!

What advice would you give someone moving from your hometown to Berlin to study?

Get in all the Facebook housing groups you can, get an annual subscription for public transport and never go to Görlitzer Park after 10pm. This city is crazy – you’re going to love it!

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Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen

Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen is a Berlin based writer, translator, and BIMM Bristol graduate currently acting as music editor for indieBerlin. She has an MA in Musicology from Oxford Brookes University and is studying for a PgCert in Translation.