From Feltre to Berlin With Arianna De Nale

21st February 2018


At BIMM Berlin, we have students from all around the world studying with us, and each one has their own unique story about the journey from their hometown to Berlin. Arianna De Nale moved from Feltre in Northern Italy – a beautiful small town surrounded by the Dolomite mountains ­–­ to study Vocals at BIMM Berlin. Here Arianna tells us about the differences in music, food and lifestyle between her hometown and Berlin, and her transition to the city as she embarked upon her studies with BIMM.

Arianna’s Hometown Feltre

What’s the biggest difference between Feltre and Berlin?

I would say they’re two different realities. When I first came to Berlin, I was amazed by the diversity I found here: once I was sitting in the U-bahn and noticed that in my wagon there were people of at least five different nationalities. This is something you don’t see in Feltre, since it’s a small, quiet town in the mountains. That’s what I love most about Berlin, because being constantly in touch with different cultures gives me a sense of freedom and inspires me to fully express myself.

How does the music scene in Berlin compare to Feltre?

In Berlin there are, of course, many more concerts and gigs, and I have the chance to hear lots of experimental music. I know some talented artists in Feltre as well… especially jazz singers and musicians, and a couple of metal bands. I would say that with Berlin being much bigger, there’s a better chance to discover new artists and get inspired. What I also enjoy about this city is the techno scene, which you don’t find in Feltre.

How did you make friends in Berlin?

I think you can often feel lonely in the big city. This happened to me initially when I first moved here, but attending college helped me quickly build a social life, since I spent everyday around fellow students who were just as passionate about music as I was.

Arianna in Berlin

How does the food in Berlin differ to Feltre?

In Berlin you can find almost every kind of food, from Thai to Mexican and, of course, kebabs and falafels on every corner. I enjoy eating different kinds of food from time to time but I love Italian food and still believe the Mediterranean diet is the best. Sometimes I just need a good, real Italian pizza!

Is there anything you ask your family to post you from Feltre that isn’t available here?

When my parents come to visit, I always ask them to bring me good olive oil, balsamico and a bottle of prosecco. These are all things that I can get here, but they’re much more expensive, and often the quality is better when they come from Italy.

 What’s your favourite thing about studying at BIMM Berlin?

I would say the best part is the interaction with other students. I’m often surprised to see how talented some people are, and it’s always inspiring to listen to their music. What I also like about BIMM is the variety of activities offered beside regular lessons, such as Masterclasses.

What advice would you give to someone moving to Berlin to study at BIMM?

My only advice is to set your goals beforehand and stay focused. It’s easy to get lost in the big city, especially in the beginning since everything is so new and exciting. I think that’s fair, but it’s also necessary to find your daily routine and stick to it. Also, if you move here you’d better know a bit of German!

Arianna’s Hometown Feltre

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Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.