Why I Chose BIMM

From Croatia to BIMM Dublin – Sven Pocrnić

18th February 2020


Moving to Dublin in order to study Songwriting at BIMM is a huge step for students not only from Ireland, but from the whole of Europe. The first semester in Dublin has been exciting and life-changing, especially as I moved from Croatia to Ireland in order to learn about the music industry and introduce myself to it. 

Choosing a completely new lifestyle, new surroundings, new language and new people has resulted in many new experiences, and during my course I’ve learnt about artist development, cooperation and music in general. Studying at BIMM Dublin undoubtedly makes you grow stronger as a person.

How I found my accommodation?

My current housemate contacted me privately after seeing my post inside BIMM Dublin’s Freshers Facebook group, which is great for students looking for accommodation. I moved in with him and two other BIMM students and started a new chapter in my life. We are living in a small funny apartment whilst writing songs and singing proudly and passionately to enjoy our student life.

What would I do differently?

I would avoid being occasionally lonely due to the fear caused by so many changes at once and ensure there are people I can approach very openly in order to have enough oxytocin in my body. I would also find part-time work immediately just to make new connections and network outside college and spare myself from thinking about the electricity bills, but you can’t win ’em all, can you?

Tips on doing well in college

Sorting out your priorities and having a planner available at all times to have your To-Do list updated are the two crucial things. This will help you stay precise, responsible and significantly more stress-free than the majority of students. Also, definitely allow yourself some time to yourself to say thanks for what you have been given each day. It will make your life easier and your soul calmer.

My favourite things about Dublin

Dublin offers a number of career opportunities in different areas due to its embracing spirit and diverse range of people finding their preferred way of life here. During the sunny days, it offers unbelievably meditative walks and it is, obviously, never too hot. Pubs, bars, clubs and venues are all part of the musical spirit of Dublin and BIMM is one of the best ways to gain access to this big society of commercial popular music. Even if you are building your music career from scratch due to moving to a new country and language, give Dublin your trust, work on your musical reputation, have patience and it is going to be fruitful.


Sven Pocrnić

Sven Pocrnić is an international student studying Songwriting at BIMM Dublin.