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Flux Presents: Eat Your Heart Out

11th February 2019


Becky Armley is a Music Business student at BIMM Brighton and is the Director of Flux Presents. The event promotions company are currently an all-female team consisting Jess Gilchrist (who is also a Music Business student at BIMM) and the Event Coordinator at Flux, and Annie Hynard, who studies Media & Communications at Sussex and is our Digital Marketing Coordinator. 

Flux will soon be putting on an Zombie themed Valentine’s Day music event featuring live music from Wizard Sleeve, Grymm and Weekend Death Cult. We caught up with Becky to hear all about it.


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Posted by Flux Presents on Sunday, 10 February 2019

So, why a zombie themed valentines night?

We always try to bring something unique to the table in terms of immersive themed events, combining not only local music talent but also individuals from other creative fields such as circus entertainers, actors, make-up artists and artists. We decided on this theme because it’s not really something that has been done before.

How did you go about selecting the acts to perform on the night?

At Flux, the bands are a crucial part of pulling a theme together, but not the only form of entertainment on the night. For this event, we came up with the theme and decided on acts that would suit it. In this instance we decided on grunge and psychedelic rock. Through personal experience and strong recommendations we then chose some of the best local bands within this genre. Very excited to be hosting Wizard Sleeve, Grymm and Weekend Death Cult!

Any other upcoming events news?

As it takes a long time to pull together an event like this with handmade immersive decor, we will be doing another event in June, after Summer deadlines! And then we are doing a twisted circus themed event called ‘The Freak Show’ in October, near Halloween, which is going to be a big one! Keep your eyes peeled!

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