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Five Facts About The Bunker

2nd April 2018


The Bunker located at Feldstraße in St. Pauli will be BIMM Hamburg’s new home and the perfect place for all new students to start their studies at BIMM in October 2018. Situated in the centre of Hamburg, right next to the Reeperbahn and the Schanzenviertel, the Bunker will house seminar rooms and a Mac lab, as well as rehearsal spaces full of high-tech equipment. The idea is to provide an atmosphere that facilitates inspiration, but did you know that before the Bunker became a key location in Hamburg’s music scene, it was a flak tower in the second world war? Here we’ve collected five interesting facts about BIMM Hamburg’s quirky new home:

  1. The Bunker is 75 metres long, about 75 metres wide and 38 metres high. Its walls are massive – at about three and a half metres thick, they’re wider than you are tall! And the ceiling is even thicker at five metres deep.
  2. In summer 1943, it provided shelter from bombs for 25,000 Hamburg citizens, although it was only built to hold 18,000.
  3. In 1952, the public radio and TV station NDR started broadcasting from the bunker.
  4. It was sold for about 1.6 million German Mark in 1990 and turned into a centre for music, culture and media. In the last ten years, it has emerged as one of the most important cultural sites of the city. Its concrete walls house a broad range of creative enterprises, such as agencies, artist collectives, the music equipment vendor JustMusic, music venues like Uebel & Gefährlich and the resonanzraum, the radio station ByteFM, and the creative media school SAE Institute.
  5. The roof of the Bunker is to be turned into a roof garden in a project costing 30 million euro which will be finished around 2020 (Hamburger Abendblatt). An array of plants will brighten up the top of the bunker including mountain pines, junipers, field maples, ivy, rhododendrons, climbing hydrangeas and roses. Sounds like the perfect environment to relax in after lectures at BIMM Hamburg!

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Photo:  Image taken by first year BIMM Berlin Music Business student, Eline Duijsens. See more on Facebook + Instagram + Flickr.


Melina Seiler

Melina Seiler is a Hamburg based journalist and author working for several online German magazines. Melina writes for and was responsible for the reporting on Reeperbahn Festival 2017 – Germany’s most prominent inner-city music event.