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FemRock – Women in Music

13th March 2017


As a homage to International Women’s Day we have chatted with some of the influential Women in our Music Cities!

First up, we have Vicki Cook from Brighton.

Introduce yourself…

I’m Vicki Cook, promoter and creator of FemRock Brighton.

What is FemRock and why did you start it?

FemRock is a DIY not-for-profit night held monthly at The Green Door Store that focuses on female-fronted bands and increasing the visibility of women in music. We started over 4 years ago because of wanting to try and do something about the inequality in the music scene and the lack of platform for women in music, particularly alternative genres of music.

There has been an increase in ‘female fronted’ events recently, do you see this as a positive or negative?

I believe that this is absolutely a positive thing as it means there is an increasing focus on women in music and more opportunity for promoting female-fronted bands and musicians. It is of course a negative thing that women are not given an equal platform to begin with but I think it’s fantastic that more is being done in the scene to make female musicians seen and heard.

You have been working within Brighton’s music scene for a while, has there ever been a situation where you feel being a woman has affected your work?

There have been times when I’ve felt that I’ve been underestimated because I’m a woman, for example I’ve felt before that I’ve not been taken seriously as a promoter.  Some have seemed to struggle with the thought of a woman being the promoter of a show or assumed I have no knowledge of the ins and outs of live shows. On the other hand, I have also found a lot of support from bands, venues, and sound engineers and there seems to be an increasing acceptance of women in live music and events promotion.

Do you feel it’s harder for women in the industry than it is for men?

I do feel that it’s generally harder to be a woman in the music industry. Women typically have more barriers to overcome in order to be accepted and respected. Things like a woman’s age, race, sexuality, perceived levels of ‘attractiveness’, and gender history, among many other things, can determine her opportunities and level of success. The music industry offers more opportunities and has in place far fewer barriers for male musicians; male-fronted and all-male bands currently dominate the music scene, particularly in alternative genres. This can be seen each year in the line-ups of popular music festivals.

If people would like to work with you how can they get in touch?

If you’re in a  female-fronted band and would like to get in touch about playing a FemRock show, drop us an email at [email protected] or send us a message on Facebook via

Our next show is Friday 7th April at The Green Door Store feat. Haters, Fresh, and CabramacabrA. Tickets £4 advance (WeGotTickets), £5 on the door or £3 concessions.

We’ll also be hosting the first ever FemRock Fest at The Green Door Store on Saturday 1st July! Tickets £10 advance (WeGotTickets), £12 on the door or £8 concessions.



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