27th October 2017

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BIMM Manchester’s Head Of Careers & Industry Liaison Damian Morgan recently had the pleasure of meeting with Fickle Friends for an interview during their almost-entirely sold-out UK tour. Seeing as the BIMM Brighton graduates are on the cusp of breaking into the pop mainstream, we thought we’d catch up with him to reflect on the experience.

What sort of impression did the Fickle Friends make on you?

A very good one! A band doing well, and aware of the precarious nature of the business. They’ve made mistakes as they’ve progressed, but it hasn’t seemed to have hindered their joy and passion being in a band. Natti in particular is honest, open and not afraid to show vulnerability.

The band have been tipped as ones to watch in 2018. Did you detect an air of confidence about them?

I detected an air of confidence, tempered by the reality, and that they are aware of, and excuse the pun ‘fickle’ nature of the business. For a band who haven’t yet released an album, they are doing very well.

Did the band have much to say about life in the upper echelons on the mainstream pop world?

Yes, it was enlightening. The band seem to just get on with it; in that Radio 1 airplay or not, they concentrate on their craft and on enjoying the process, and the trajectory they are on. It’s not fazing them at all.

How is the touring life treating them?

Touring life can be boring, but they spend it writing inbetween playing. The gigs are of course the highlight; new crowds, bigger venues, and meeting the fans seems to compensate for any tedium they experience on the road

Did you have any advice for the band?

They don’t really need my advice, but what I did say was that if they are concerned that this tour is in any way a peak, or they may not be able to keep up the momentum, once they have that album out it will step up to another level. Great band, great people!


To find out more about Damian’s role at BIMM Manchester and to hear more about his career so far, check out this video.


James Watts

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