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Cole Stock – Las Negras Songwriting Camp

17th December 2019


Hey! I am Cole Stock, 21 Year old Songwriter, Top-liner and Multi-Instrumentalist. I’m currently studying a BA (Hons) Degree in Songwriting at BIMM Birmingham.

What is the Las Negras Songwriting Camp?

Held in countries all over the world, Songwriting Camps are where songwriters, producers and artists come together to create music by collaborating with others – allowing different personalities, talents and skills to come together to create new music.

In a beautiful village three hours South from Alicante, Spain the ‘Las Negras Songwriting Camps’ are held. I was there for five days with talented creators from all over the world. Through three days of songwriting with other musicians, I was able to come back with three completely different songs ready to be pitched.

What did you do?

With each day being so intense and each song being so different, my abilities as a songwriter were definitely challenged. My strengths in top-line and lyric writing were used in all of these sessions, but I was really challenged on my last day when we wrote to a K-Pop brief!

Although I had never wrote in this area before, this song turned out to be in the top 5 songs from the camp. The lesson being, just because you’ve never written in a certain genre before, doesn’t mean you can’t do it. You have to try everything!

What’s next?

I had a lot of fun collaborating and met some amazing people who I have stayed in touch with. I have also been able to create new opportunities for myself following this.​ ​I met a few people from this camp who have invited me to other songwriting camps, but also others who I can collaborate with in the future.

I’ll be going to Norway for the upcoming Eurovision camp and then I’m back to Las Negras in the spring. But for now, I’m back in the UK. I’m always looking for sessions and opportunities to collaborate with songwriters, vocalists, producers and artists.

If people are looking to collaborate follow me on Instagram and drop me a message!



Cole Stock

Cole is a BA (Hons) Songwriting student at BIMM Institute Birmingham.