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Christoph Borchers’ Guide To Berlin

14th June 2017

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Berlin is known as the melting pot of Europe’s music scene and loved by many creatives who’ve chosen to make the city their home. This week, BIMM Berlin’s Events and Guests Coordinator, Christoph Borchers, shares with us his favourite gems in the German capital.

Christoph’s role as Events and Guests Coordinator at BIMM Berlin means he’s constantly out and about exploring the city’s music scene. He books artists for Masterclasses and venues for showcases, he organises gigs and talks, and helps to connect students with the music industry by offering job opportunities and internships. He has vast experience working within the industry, having been a guitarist in several bands over the last ten years and touring across Europe on many occasions. Christoph is also associated with Berlin’s events and club scenes, as since his early years at university, he’s worked as an events and nightclub manager in several clubs and other locations across the city.

So here, in all its glory, is Christoph Borchers’ Guide To Berlin:

If your friends were visiting Berlin for one weekend only, where would you tell them to go?

It´s a tricky one, as there are so many good places to go in Berlin. If I had to break it down to only three, I would  go for:

1: Rixdorf – it´s a small village in the middle of the city and has the best Christmas Market in town.

2: Tempelhofer Feld – it´s an old airport which is now a public park and is great for relaxing and doing sporting activities.

3: Neukölln/Weserstr./Reuterkiez – these are nice areas of the city for walking, with cool bars and good food.

Where’s your favourite place to eat in Berlin and why?

It´s Lily Burger. Although ‘burger hype’ is pretty much over, it’s a very good place to go. It used to be in Neukölln at the famous Hermannplatz, but has now moved to Mitte. The meat is incredible and I love the chilli cheese fries.

Where’s your favourite place to listen to music in Berlin and why?

Definitely Berghain, no discussion. It has the best sound system in the whole city. Words just can´t describe the unique vibe of a DJ set in this location. I’ve never ever seen a club like this before. A funny side note is that I hated it when I first moved to Berlin. I didn’t like the hype around it, but on my first night there, I fell in love.

What makes Berlin so different to Hannover, where you’re from?

 Berlin literally never sleeps, but Hannover does. In Berlin, you can party on a Sunday, go out on the streets and it feels like a normal day of the week. Hannover is much more quiet… but I love both. The contrasts make life interesting. Berlin is also very open minded; there’s a niche for everyone, whether you’re a punk, a business man or a hippie. It’s the modern Wild West!


Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.