Chloe Bodur on her debut single success

21st February 2018

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BIMM Brighton’s Chloe Bodur has been the subject of much admiration for her recent debut single “Glory” since its release in late 2017. The BA (Hons) Songwriting students’ track has received a lot of love from both sides of the Atlantic – including airplay on Jazz FM, multiple interviews, blog posts from the likes of Huffington Post (U.S), Tone MVMT (Australia) and numerous Spotify playlistings.

We caught up with the hotly tipped North-London-bred songsmith to take stock on all the well-deserved hype that currently surrounds her. 


Could you tell us a little bit about your musical upbringing and who/what first inspired you to become a singer?

I don’t really consider myself much of a singer, I’m much more confident as a writer than I am a vocalist. I come from a very musical family, not musicians but music lovers. Music was constantly playing in my house. I guess I have to thank my Mum for raising me on the most beautiful soul records.

Congratulations on “Glory”! How has it felt to have the track so well-received?

Thank you! It’s been very humbling and surreal. I was terrified to release my music for the first time so I’m very relieved it’s received so much praise. It’s great to see that the song is resonating with such a variety of people. It’s been A-listed on a radio station in New York which is mad, I’ve never even been to America.

You’ve recently recorded your debut EP. Can you tell us a little bit about the process?

The EP was created by accident really. I went to my synth player’s house (Matt Davies aka Lapsung) to record a demo of my next single with him- he’s an amazing producer. My bass player (James Hazel) and guitarist (Malte Henning) came along to the session and we recorded the whole thing within about two hours. Everything was pretty much done in one take. I recorded my vocals while sitting on the bed eating my dinner, haha! It was so much fun that we ended up doing it with a few of my other songs over the next week or so and before we knew it, we had an EP’s worth of songs that sounded release-ready.

It’s not perfect, but I’m really proud of it. It captures my time in Brighton perfectly and even if nobody else likes it, I’ll be glad to look back on this project and remember the good times I had with my friends making music that way. We weren’t in a studio and didn’t have any fancy mics or amps – we just bounced off one another in Matt’s tiny little bedroom and made the best of what we had.

You’ve got your first headline London show coming up soon. How are you feeling about it?

Yes! I’m really excited to do my first headline show back home! It’s always fun performing to my friends and family from London, they’re so supportive. I’ve also got BIMM students La Lune and George Baines supporting me, so it’ll be good to bring some of Brighton’s finest to my hometown.

What else do you have planned for this year? Any other gig/release news on the horizon?

I’m supporting Puma Blue soon which should be a good one. Puma Blue has supported some of my favourite artists including Jordan Rakei, Nick Hakim and Mr Jukes, so the one-degree of separation between us and them makes me shiver. I’m also featuring on some projects out soon from Lapsung and JD.Reid, so it’ll be interesting to dip my toes into the electronic world. I’m trying not to gig as much this year as I really want to focus on writing and improving as an instrumentalist. Hopefully the EP will be released before Summer though.

What’s been the best part of studying on your course at BIMM?

Being surrounded by music lovers! We can chat about tunes for hours – it’s great!





Photo by Mark Stubbs


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