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17th December 2016


Berlin Friedrichshain – Raw Area – is a 5 min walk from BIMM Berlin and in the middle of one of the coolest districts in Big Berlin. Walking the streets you can feel the vibrant musical and artistic touch of this independent urban island.

RAW is an abbreviation of Reichsbahn-Ausbesserungs-Werk – which was an old train repair station back in the day. In the area you can still find abandoned railway tracks, big old warehouses, and tons of graffiti art – nice! Today this area is home to plenty of different clubs, bars, and spaces for art exhibitions.

One of these venues is Cassiopeia – if you are into rock or alternative music this is the place to be. The venue offers two stages; a bigger (270 capacity) and a smaller one (100 capacity). My band have played both and I can say from a musician’s perspective that they are great both in terms of sound and feel.

We all know venues that are more focused on club nights and may have a small P.A. and stage for concerts as a side business – Cassiopeia works the other way round. Although they have parties at the weekends and a nice bar area upstairs (which can be used for merch stands during gigs) their priority and focus is on the live shows.

I’ve attended many of the live shows and I have always had a good time. In terms of sound, my experience is the more people in the room the better it is. They have solid equipment, skilled sound engineers, and fancy lights during the show.  When in Berlin you definitely have to give this one a try!

And by the way BIMM Berlin is doing their first end of term gig at Cassiopeia on Dec 8th.

Find further information here:

If you want to find out more about putting on a gig at Cassiopeia contact


Revalerstr. 99

10245 Berlin


Christoph Borchers

Christoph works at BIMM Berlin as a Guests and Event Consultant. He books artists for masterclasses, venues for showcases, gigs and talks and help the students to get connected with the music industry by offering job opportunities and internships. It´s really versatile, creative and motivating! He has vast experience working within the industry, playing as a guitarist in several bands for 10 years, touring a lot across Europe, Christoph is also very connected with the Berlin Event & Club-Scene from working as an Event- and Nightmanager in several Clubs & Locations, since his early years at the university