17th October 2017

Earlier this summer, performance students from BIMM Brighton took part in a collaborative project to produce a series of music videos with first year students from the Brighton Film School

The project yielded some fantastic results – the first example of which comes from recent Professional Musicianship Vocal graduate Caitlin Moss. Here’s what she had to say about the experience;

“I really enjoyed recording with the Brighton Film School. It was lovely to work with students my age who were so excited about my music and the video. Suzie (the artistic director who came up with the original idea) was so passionate and hardworking and it really helped the shoot day feel more comfortable, as I knew that everyone was really happy to be there!”


Suzie Jones, who was Head of Art Department on the video shoot had this to say about working with Caitlin.

“It was great to work with an artist and create something with them from the pitch to the final edit. It was good having their personal input and be able to work with such a creative brief. I was head of the art/props for the music video and made all of the stop-motion props and the cut outs for the stage.

The idea was inspired by the surreal and dreamy atmosphere I took away from initially meeting Caitlin and discussing her song. It developed into the final narration when Luke became the director, adding more of a story.

Working with Caitlin was a great experience overall, she was very keen and was enthusiastic about the idea. It also helped that she was happy and comfortable in front of the camera as it meant we could work well with her on the day of the shoot.”

We’ll be sharing more videos from the collaboration with Brighton Film School in the not-too-distant future. So, watch this space!


You can check out more of Caitlin Moss’s music via her official social channels.





James Watts

Social Media Assistant, Professional Bassist and Music Journalist. Career highlights include performing at some of the UK's premier music festivals, recording in Abbey Road and interviewing Debbie Harry.