30th November 2017


Event Management student Napsugár Bardócz is collaborating with fellow performance students Miles Goodall and Amelia Caesar to take them on a short tour of her home city, Budapest. The BIMM Brighton undergraduate has organised three days worth of gigs, culminating in a sold out show at the city’s Akvárium Klub. We caught up with her to discover more about the project. 


Can you give us a little overview of the tour?

After months and months of planning and organising, we are finally packing our bags and grabbing our boarding passes, because in just a few days Amelia, Miles and myself are jumping on a plane to Budapest to start this mini-tour!

The gigs, ranging from an acoustic jam session to supporting one of the biggest contemporary bands in Hungary in a 1,500 capacity venue (which is already SOLD OUT!!), aim to introduce Amelia and Miles’s music to Europe and, in time, lead to international success.


How did you go about selecting the artists?

To be honest, technically they selected me to be their Tour Manager, not the other way round.

It all started on a gloomy weekday morning in February at the Clarendon Centre, when Amelia and Miles asked me if I could recommend any cool venues in Budapest, as they are planning a European tour. From then on, lengthy discussions began, and we went from Plan A to Plan Z in the process, which led to this day.

I genuinely love Miles and Amelia’s music, and I want the whole world to hear it. But for now, we’re starting with Budapest.


You’re from Budapest, how does the music scene there compare to Brighton?

The music industry in general is completely different in Hungary. Because it’s a small country, the whole industry is very small too. It’s not easy for new bands to get recognised, as there’s a lack of medium size venues, and we’re lacking organizations like AWAL or BBC Introducing, which would be extremely helpful in nurturing up-and-coming talent.

However there are a few bands that are great examples, bands that do what they love and work incredibly hard, and as a result these bands have “made it”.

One of these is my old friends’ band, the amazing Margaret Island, whom we’re lucky enough to support on their final gig of their tour of 2017.


How has studying Event Management at BIMM helped you organise the tour?

First of all it’s given me the honour to know two very talented singer-songwriters whom I get to work with, plus an extraordinary support system in the form of Suzi Ireland, who helped me a lot with bringing this idea to life.

Secondly it’s given me all the essential tools that I used in advancing and planning this tour. Everything from budgeting, through putting together a press release, to social media marketing are topics that we covered in class, and are skills that I had to utilize in real life.


Anything you’re most looking forward to?

I’m just super excited about the whole tour!

I can’t wait to show my friends the city where I’m from, to sip mulled wine at the Christmas Market, to introduce Amelia and Miles to the Hungarian music industry.

But most of all I’m looking forward to seeing my friends’ faces in the spotlights after they’ve performed their songs to a cheering crowd of 1,500 people.


facebook.com/events – Margaret Island

facebook.com/events – Lámpás


James Watts

Social Media Assistant, Professional Bassist and Music Journalist. Career highlights include performing at some of the UK's premier music festivals, recording in Abbey Road and interviewing Debbie Harry.