BIMM Birmingham : A word from your principal…

17th May 2017

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This is my first ever blog entry. Does this now make me a blogger? And does this make you a bloggee? These are all important questions as we ponder the meaning of life, but what you really want to know is what I’ve been up to since I arrived as Principal of BIMM Birmingham a month ago.

Well, lots..

I’m not a local lad, so I’ve been getting to know the city that is Birmingham; meeting the movers and shakers in the music industry, the venue owners and local businesses – all of whom are extremely excited about BIMM Birmingham. They’re excited because they can see what the students will bring: Passion, enthusiasm, energy; all the things that are at the heart of the creative industries.

I have a temporary office in The Custard Factory which overlooks our premises on Floodgate Street, and every day I meet a new creative company that our students can work with. For example, Codemasters, one of the most established computer games companies is based just a couple of doors down from my office, and their games will always need sound and music.

What else have I been up to..? I’ve been meeting numerous professional musicians, songwriters, producers, artist managers and promoters who will be teaching our first cohort in October this year. I hope to be able to confirm some names and their suitably impressive CVs in the coming weeks.

I’ve also been meeting regularly with the building development team who are working on the college site. The team working on this project are all very experienced having worked on the setting up of the other BIMM colleges in years gone by, so I know the results will be fantastic. If you’ve seen the artist’s impressions that we shared a few weeks back, then you’ll know how amazing the premises will be. I just can’t wait!

As my background is music production, I have been finalising the specification of the recording studios and Mac suite. These will feature industry standard equipment, exactly what you will find in a professional recording studio, plus the latest technology to ensure you are always learning the latest techniques. It’s a significant investment, but one that I believe will benefit every student regardless of which course they enrol on.

In the next update, I’ll give you some more detail about the other facilities we have in development and perhaps some comments on the equipment itself. There will be also some very exciting news coming soon.. so keep an eye on the news section of our website: www.bimm.co.uk/birmingham

In the meantime, love some music!


Nic Ledger