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Berlin’s top vegan restaurants

26th February 2019


At BIMM, we like to promote a healthy lifestyle where our students are energised during the day and feel great on the inside. Veganism is just one way some of our students like to keep in good shape while studying in this amazing city… and the fact it’s also ethical is definitely an added bonus. In fact, in Berlin, the vegan food choice is seemingly endless. Ranging from delicious vegan donuts to vegan döner kebabs, the city offers everything a vegan could possibly want… and more! Here are our top recommendations for Berlin-based vegan eateries.


1990 – the go-to Vietnamese spot in Fredrichshain – is a completely vegan restaurant serving great takes on classic Vietnamese dishes in a tapas style… so you can try lots of different things. Located about a seven-minute walk from BIMM, 1990 is ideal for a more diverse bite to eat and hosts a great atmosphere with quick and friendly customer service.

Brammibal’s Donuts

Vegan donuts? Is that even a thing? Yes, it most definitely is! Brammibal’s Donuts on Maybachufer is an amazing vegan donut shop that everyone at BIMM raves about. It offers a mouthwatering range of classic donuts, all beautifully designed and all completely vegan. Anyone needing a sugar hit after a long day of lessons will be sure to love this place, and in such a great location, it’s ideal. Yep, Brammibal’s sure is the spot for a sweet treat in the city.

Yoyo Foodworld

Are you vegan but tired of all the healthy options? Then Yoyo Foodworld, located on Gärtnerstaße, is for you! Here you’ll find the best vegan fast food around, less than a ten-minute walk from BIMM. Offering very reasonable prices, this place has a completely vegan menu and serves a variety of pizzas, wraps and burgers, so those fast food cravings can be instantly satisfied.


Located literally under a minute’s walk from BIMM Berlin on Warschauer Str., Goodies is a fabulous spot offering a range of healthy, tasty vegan brunch and lunch options – from cooked meals to take-out wraps and great coffee. The welcoming café provides a calm and chilled atmosphere and with their wallet-friendly prices, it’s perfect for any student looking for either a quick lunch grab or a peaceful sit-down meal. At BIMM, we all love Goodies as it’s practical yet so delicious!

Liquid Garden

Perfect for that health hit (possibly after too many donuts!), Liquid Garden specialises in green smoothies. Located in Prenzlauer Berg, they serve a range of quality, tasty drinks and the staff are super knowledgeable about the health benefits of all the many ingredients. The funky wallpaper and chilled music makes this the perfect place to get away and enjoy a delicious smoothie after a long day of learning!


Kopps is a slightly more upscale vegan restaurant in the district of Mitte which sources all its ingredients locally to a very high standard. The creatively prepared food has both wonderful flavours and beautiful presentation, and is well-loved by our team at BIMM. Although slightly pricier than some vegan eateries, Kopps is perfect for that vegan meal on a special night out in Berlin with friends or family.


Döner kebabs are one of the most popular food choices in Berlin, so naturally there’s a vegan version too. Vöner is a hip diner on Boxhagener Str. which serves excellent vegan wraps and kebabs as a great meat alternative and is perfect for a fast bite to eat when you’re on a busy schedule.

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Author: Alice Hamilton