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Being a fresher at BIMM London

8th August 2018


London can be a pretty overwhelming city-especially if you have never lived in a metropolis before. As a fresher you might not know where to look first, where to start exploring and how to handle the big city life. Luckily there is plenty of time before the term starts and here are some things you can do before starting your studies at BIMM London.

1) No more talking just start walking

Usually, the best way to explore a new city is by walking. You can find all these beautiful details in the city, that you don’t get to see if you take a tourist bus. Of course, it can be hard to decide where to go first but the bolder you are the faster and more motivated you get when you start your adventure. There are so many great areas in London. Shoreditch has a lot of street art to offer especially if you go to Brick Lane. Brixton and Camden are also really interesting and colorful areas in London to explore by foot. But nothing is more beautiful than a walk by the Thames. My favorite place to take a walk is the Riverside Walk in Bishops Park, which is close to Putney Bridge.

2) Try different types of food

London has so many food markets to offer. You can try food from all over the world: Ethiopia, Morocco, Germany, Vietnam etc. There is a big food market on Brick Lane in Shoreditch where your taste buds go on a real adventure. There is also a big food market at Camden Market where you can do some shopping afterwards, since Camden is very famous for its big shopping markets. My favorite food market though is in Notting Hill, which is not as far as Camden and Shoreditch if you live in Fulham. Portobello Road Market offers a great range of second-hand clothing and a wonderful food market.

3) Go to all the gigs

During Freshers week you’ll be busy with all the events that BIMM has to offer. Of course you don’t have to attend all of them but seriously try to go to every event! You meet all the awesome BIMM students, get to hear great music and get all the insights of the music industry. Last year the main gig was Nothing But Thieves – which was amazing. You should also take advantage of the live music scene in London. Go to as many concerts as possible because there is always great new music in London. KOKO is a really cool venue because it used to be a theatre. It creates a great atmosphere for concerts and also for club nights. Numerous artists have played there such as Amy Winehouse, Kanye West, Prince and more!

4) Talk your way through the events

Freshers week gives you the opportunity to meet so many people. Don’t be shy! Also, Don’t forget that everyone might feel the same way as you, nobody really knows anybody. This is the best time to meet everyone and see who you get along with, and who you vibe really well with. Include yourself in as many conversations as possible. The musician community is very open in general which makes it easier to talk and feel comfortable. You can also post into the BIMM Students Forum if you ever need help. 2nd and 3rd year students are always down to help or just meet up for a pint at Spoons.

5) Picnic with a view

My favorite activity ever is to go to all the places with the best view over the city. This can be a rooftop bar, a park, a building etc. Netil360, which is a rooftop bar, has an amazing view over London where you can see the Shard and the Gherkin and look upon the roofs of London.
If you don’t like bars you should go to Primrose Hill and climb the highest hill in London (probably the highest). When you’re at the top you’ll be rewarded with a fantastic view and you can sit down and have a picnic if the weather is nice. You can take the Northern Line and get off at Chalk Farm and walk for about 10 minutes to Primrose Hill.

So get out there, talk, walk and enjoy what this wonderful city has to offer. Have a great start into Term 1!


Anika Krause

Anika Krause is a Vocals student currently studying at BIMM London, originally from Hamburg.