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Behind the Track: This Place Hell

7th August 2019


Was there anything that inspired you when writing ‘Zero Point’?

The main inspiration behind “Zero point” was the realisation of how monotonous life becomes as you get older. Everyday you see people who just live for work and are stuck in a routine of waking up, working, going to sleep and then repeating the cycle. I think a lot of this comes from how we’re taught as we grow up that this is what a normal, good life is all about and that expressing yourself or working on your passion should be a second thought or just a pastime hobby. So, the lyrics are from the perspective of someone who has this sudden realisation and then starts to question it and try to combat it.

How did you approach the songwriting process?

The general approach to writing most of our songs is quite clichèd. One of us will come in with an idea and we’ll just jam it out and refine it until we’re really happy with it. When it comes to lyrics, the song structure usually ends up changing a dozen or so times before we settle on it, so we’ll usually work on the lyrics last, once we’re happy with the arrangement. We all contribute to every part of writing the song though, so it’s not a case of just sticking to our instrument, it’s always a team effort.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the track?

My favourite line of the song would be in the second verse: “This is the chapter for the chosen few”. I just think it paints the perfect picture that, no matter the situation or the time, there’s always a collection or group of people that’s on the brink of breaking the mold and shattering outdated views that we’re all accustomed to.

My favourite section though would have to be the breakdown after the solo, simply because it’s like nothing we have ever written before and it always goes down really well with live audiences.

Can you describe your sound in three words?


How do you feel your sound has developed since studying at BIMM?

Since our time studying at BIMM, I think we’ve reached a point where we’re as energetic and chaotic as we always wanted to be. When we were starting out, we got compared to Slipknot in nearly every review, which was very flattering because we’re all huge Slipknot fans. As we’ve progressed over the last five to six years, we’ve been writing pretty much constantly and we’ve added a new guitarist into the mix, so that has definitely helped us refine our sound to something unique to us.

Do you have a stand out moment from your time at BIMM?

To be honest, there would be too many to mention. I had a great time studying at BIMM! If I had to pick though, it would be my first time ever playing an End Of Term gig. Funnily enough, we were doing a cover of Slipknot’s “(Sic)” and Dylan and Ryan were in the group, but this was before we started This Place Hell.

We got jumpsuits and made terrible looking masks for it as well to look the part and it went down really well at the gig. But it was just super fun getting up on stage and going nuts with the guys who would end up being my future bandmates.

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