Behind the Track

Behind The Track – Nicolas Kluzek

17th May 2019


What was the inspiration/is there a story behind your track?

We all spend so much time and effort worrying about things. I liked the way the title ‘Find Solace’ sounded like an order. If we’d put as much effort finding solace than turbulence it could be a mental health lifesaver! I like the word ‘solace’ and I like feeling the meaning behind it too!

What did your process involve?

I used a beautifully sampled instrument called an M’Bira. It’s an African instrument similar to a Kalimba. It has a soothing sound. I’m a producer (I produce for other artists and produce/mix my own releases) as much as a songwriter/composer. I’m interested in sounds and the feelings they evoke. It’s a powerful thing. I’m a city boy, but even in a city we have trees, we have birds, we have rivers and the sky. I’m soothed by the little bit of nature we have in a city, so teaming up with my friend Elijah Egan and his beautiful drone footage of Ireland made perfect sense for the video to this track.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the song?

I like the high cut filter in the middle of the track. It’s a cliché move (walking out and in the club in dance music!) but it works so well. Once again, I think it’s evocative because even though it’s made by a plugin on a computer, it’s an echo of what we hear in nature. You hear a mountain stream or the sea from a distance and it has the same effect. Then you come closer, you hear more of the higher frequencies, and you get the full-blown decibels! I’m fascinated by this: how the digital music making world I live in is a constant dialogue with the organic, natural world.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Evocative, organic, modern

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM Dublin?

Figuring out what you’re good at and, if you want it, build a professional project around it.

To hear of Nicolas’ music, check out his official Spotify profile. 


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