Behind the Track

Behind the Track: Nicky Miles & Petkis feat. Margo Sarge

25th March 2019


What was the inspiration/is there a story behind your track?

This is probably the most time-consuming record I have ever worked on until now. It all started 2.5 years ago when my friend Petkis (with whom I have previously produced 2 more records: ‘Kaanga‘ and ‘Push‘) sent me his first idea of the track.

Then the collaboration process started. We sent stems back-and-forth and created versions that encouraged us to try to find a vocalist for a temporary acapella that we had, which would be impossible to license as it was taken from legendary House record ‘Deeper Love’ by Aretha Franklin.

Time passed by and I have received a promo copy of one of the songs by Russian club DJs Astero, who had an amazingly talented Russian singer, Margo Sarge, featured on the record called ‘What We Are’. I decided to give it a go and drop her a demo. Surprisingly, I have received a reply instantly as Margarita was up for a collaboration. Another few months of sending/receiving lyrics led me to try to work on the vocal melody and lyrics myself (which I had no experience in before).

After receiving the final demo from the singer, we decided to record everything and wrap-up the work.
Being stuck with lack of interest from labels, we decided to release the song ourselves as it got some solid support from established DJs and producers such as Laidback Luke, Sunstars, Vion Konger,
Daniel Étienne, R3SPAWN, Game Over Djs, BLACKBOX, Jaques Le Noir, Swingman, Tourist Mode & more. The track saw the light of day on March 15th and has gained more than 1000 streams on Spotify within first few days.

How did you approach writing this song?

As I have already mentioned, it was super time-consuming process which took me 2.5 years of work. However, it was a pleasure to work with such talented people as Vytautas (Petkis, music producer) and Margarita (Margo Sarge, vocalist & songwriter).

Do you have a favourite line/section of the song?

I love the way second dance drop sounds. It was quite a challenge to find suitable “spice” to it. So it sounds like a massive emotional blowout. I decided to add 1/16 tremolo layers of shakers plus 2 generator plug-in sounds to create the energy that happens behind the main musical focus of the song.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Progressive melodic house.

How do you feel your sound has developed from studying at BIMM?

I got an opportunity to work in a professional studio that is built up to a high industry standard. This has helped me to practice my mixing and mastering skills.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

Opportunities of networking and meeting established industry professionals.

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