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Behind the Track: Niall Cash

2nd March 2017

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We caught up with BIMM Dublin’s Niall Cash about his track ‘Frames Have Cracked’

What was the inspiration behind your track?

For ‘Frames Have Cracked’ the lyrical inspiration grew from a past relationship.

Writing my music I love to get inspired by listening to Spotify playlists or some of my favourite acts such as Ben Howard, James Bay and Amber Run. So the inspiration for creating the chord progression came heavily from listening to and learning Ben Howard songs and exploring different open tunings.

What did your songwriting process involve?

For this track I created the chord progression first, having a melancholy tone with a soft picking pattern to start off with. Then came the lyrics which is nearly always the way with my style of writing. The majority of the song was written just over two years ago and it was left sitting idle as a phone recording till about a year later. We were given a songwriting task in college to finish a song we had abandoned and get inspiration from watching a film, reading a poem, looking at a painting or another form of art.

I decided to watch a film called ‘The things we lost in the fire’. I picked out certain images and scenes in the film which either had visual attraction to me or certain dialogue which was being exchanged between characters. By the end of watching the film I was able to return to the song and finish it that evening.

The final stage was bringing it to the band, this was another step of the songwriting process which changed the feel of the song. The picking pattern disappeared and it was as if a new song was created in the rehearsal room!

Is there a story behind the song?

The idea for the song as I said, grew from a past relationship. The idea was that the relationship fell apart due to not dealing with problems in the correct manner due to two stubborn personalities clashing at the time.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Hooky, Pop, Folk.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

The best thing about studying at BIMM is definitely the environment. On a personal level, coming up from Wexford at 18 to study in Dublin gave me a quick reality check. To see the standard expected from you as a musician as well as the competition in the Dublin scene both frightened me but motivated the hell out of me to improve my songwriting, networking and everything else that goes in hand with being a solo independent artist. The environment that I have been a part of has helped me in so many ways. The people I am friends with and have worked with are people that both have and will continue to develop me both as a person and an artist. Knowing that has a kind of calming and comforting effect on me.


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