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Behind the Track: MICAH

12th August 2019


Was there anything that inspired you when writing ‘FOREVER’?

The inspiration for this track came from 2 particular areas, the Dublin based producer Dynamic 1 had the idea for this pop/dance beat a real dance floor filler, really positive vibes which I love, but I’m always a little darker in relation to lyrics, I felt a little subversion was needed so contrasting with the positive beats are lyrics about redeeming yourself in a relationship after you have messed up, and I think nearly everyone can relate to that.

How did you approach the songwriting process?

So this would be the third track I’ve worked with Dynamic 1 on, so we have a bit of a flow, I had a listen to outline and it just jumped out at me, I could hear a melody/lyrics immediately, I start humming, normally it’s just random sound patterns at first. However, my initial ideas at first were ok, but again you have rework them, refine them, knowing when to walk away is really difficult at times. Normally when it’s close to being finished I test the track on people close to me without them knowing it’s my track and see how they respond.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the track?

Well I love when the beat drops, the energy it has. But lyrically the line “feeling this sober when I’m not beside you”, those times you’re so deeply in love that its intense and intoxicating.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Hmmm.. that’s hard, I suppose, pulsing, dark and emotional.

How do you feel your sound has developed since studying at BIMM?

Since studying at BIMM I learned to trust my instincts more about what I like and don’t like when it comes to production. There are times where people hear the song going in another direction but it’s your vision and yes, sometimes you aren’t always right, however if there is an element that no matter what you can’t hack it you know it shouldn’t be there.

Do you have a stand out moment from your time at BIMM?

There were so many, I suppose sitting in LPW class and working with other artists who are there to help and support each other, in one of our final sessions, people were unsure of some aspects of the song but everyone would row in if someone had difficulty. And lecturers were so supportive when especially one the last LPW when I told them I was leaving my job to do music full time they were just so lovely.

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