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Behind the Track: Megan Dixon-Hood

15th June 2017

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What was the inspiration behind your track?

This track was very much inspired by the 1953 play ‘The Crucible’ by Arthur Miller. The story focuses on the Salem witchcraft trials that took place in Massachusetts Bay Colony in the 1600s. I was very much intrigued behind the madness that entails as the play goes on and the fact this actually happened hundreds of years ago really fascinated me. This song focuses on one of the main characters, Abigail, who is believed to be the villain of the story.

What did your process involve?

I was actually really lacking inspiration before this song came about. I had both piano and lyrical parts for a chorus that I was struggling to piece together with anything else. I went on holiday for a week and found I was soon itching to get back to my piano and get creative again. I’m not sure why The Crucible had come to mind, as it was something I had studied years ago in school but as I thought more about it and researched further I realised I could really evolve a song around the characters. It turned out that the chorus I had written weeks previously fitted the context of the song perfectly, and once I was back at the piano the verse melodies and lyrics came very quickly. I went straight out and bought the book so that I could expand further on the characters and themes and I intend to have other songs loosely based around this.

Is there are story behind the track?

Abigail is the main antagonist of the play and I really wanted to imagine how she would have felt. She was an orphan and a young maid for the household of John and Elizabeth Proctor, she was suspected of having an affair with John so she was fired. Through jealousy and rage, she comes to accuse innocent citizens (including Elizabeth) of witchcraft which escalates to much of the village turning against each other through religion and the belief in witchcraft. This is where the lyrics ‘I say you worship the devil’ come from, as any belief in the devil would suffer fatal consequences. I was amazed that this was based on a true story because of the madness and horror surrounding it and felt the need to put it into a song in some way.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Ethereal, mournful, and dark.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

Definitely the people, both students and tutors. There is inspiration and creativity everywhere you turn and even now, after I’ve graduated, I still take influence from them.


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