Behind the Track

Behind the Track: Luna Haze

18th September 2018


Is there a story behind the track?

There is no specific story or situation behind the track, but it attempts to capture the emotions of a person betrayed by a close friend or partner.

How did you go about writing the track?

The song was originally written as an acoustic track and stayed that way for a while. The lyrics were written separately, but by coincidence they happened to fit really well. Adding extra production elements in the later stages also really helped make the track what it is today.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the song?

The last chorus. The track is purposefully slow and melancholic throughout, building to the last chorus. It’s a slow build throughout the track, with the hope that the listener will be left wanting to hear more.

Did you approach this track differently to your previous singles?

This is the first music we have released but it differs from our other tracks as it is much more of a gradual build. The way the song was written is also quite different to the others, with the music and lyrics being written completely separately. As the first song written, we have had a lot of chance to develop its sound and it is now completely different to how it was originally played. It has also helped influence and build our current sound.

Anything you’re looking forward to over the coming months?

We are just looking forward to taking everything as it comes and enjoying whatever opportunities present themselves!

How has your time at BIMM helped you develop as an artist?

We both met at BIMM, so this wouldn’t have been possible without them. In the time we have been Luna Haze we have been lucky enough to play three BIMM Live events which enabled us to develop our sound and image and it was also a great opportunity to play on such a big stage!

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