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Behind The Track : LOUUD

12th May 2017

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What did your process involve?

I was going for a walk one day and I started to hum on one of the hooks and the chorus. I ran home to my keyboard, added some chords to it, wrote the lyrics and recorded a demo version. I then showed the demo to my band and explained to them what vision I had with the track and together we came up with the final arrangement in a rehearsal. We then went in to the studio and recorded it , it’s taken some time to get it to how I wanted it to sound but I’m so happy it’s finally out!

Is there are story behind the track?

I wrote Fools about two years ago about the struggles of fighting for a relationship that was meant to come to an end. It´s about giving someone countless last chances and feeling foolish after a break up. I listened to a lot of electronic pop at the time so artists like Tove Lo and La Roux really inspired me for the sound. This song means a lot to me and I think many people can relate to it.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Melancholic catchy pop

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

Definitely the people. I met so many great people at BIMM that inspired me, both fellow students and teachers. I met my band there and other friends that have been so supportive and a huge help to my music career.

And the opportunities that BIMM gives you in terms of showcases, masterclasses and tutorials have been so inspiring and I feel lucky to have been able to perform at some of the biggest venues in London because of those opportunities.

It’s very cool to be in that environment, it makes you want to push harder to reach your goals.


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Lucy Evers

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