Behind the Track

Behind the Track: LNT

17th January 2019


What was the inspiration/is there a story behind your track?

Musically, it was a step into something a bit darker and heavier than what we had done for the album, and in a way set the tone for what’s to come.

Lyrically, the inspiration came after the passing of Frightened Rabbit frontman, Scott Hutchinson. Seeing one of my musical heroes and so many other people struggle with their mental-health. I wanted to address the stigma that keeps so many people isolated in their own struggle and the effect mental illness and loss has on so many people, including myself.

How did you approach writing this song?

After Dave sent the instrumental demo to us, I sat in my room with a pen and paper, played the song on repeat and wrote out a few different versions of the lyrics, all trying to say the same thing just testing out different verses and hooks until they made sense with the message.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the song?

The outro riff! Definitely the heftiest thing that we have done yet and it really just brings the song to a different place.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Progressive, Cinematic and Experimental

How do you feel your sound has developed from studying at BIMM?

In the beginning we were an indie/folk band, so our sound has definitely changed over the years! I assembled the band in the first year to perform on my songwriting assessments. But after a while we began to write together and then LNT was truly born. From that point on it became a very different animal, now you can hear each band members’ influences and their own style in all of our songs, which is what makes up our unique sound.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

The amount of other likeminded musicians you meet, if BIMM didn’t exist I don’t know if we would have ever found each other and been able to create together and explore the musical journey that is our band.

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