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Behind the Track: Lethbridge Owen

5th December 2018


We’ve got a very special Behind the Track feature for you all this week. BIMM London tutors Kelly Lethbridge, Jimmy Owen, Erik Stams and Svetlana Vasileva have recently released a new single – take a listen, and find out more about the track…

Introduce yourselves…

My name is Kelly Lethbridge, I am the singer and one of the songwriters in ‘Lethbridge Owen’. I am the course leader at BIMM London for the Diploma popular music Performance course and I am also a Vocal tutor here.

My Name is Jimmy Owen, I am the guitarist, singer and songwriter in ‘Lethbridge Owen’. I deputise and do sessions for BIMM as a songwriting tutor and guitar/MD assessor.

My name is Erik Stams, I am the drummer in ‘Lethbridge Owen’ and the Head of Drums at BIMM London.

My name is Svetlana Vasileva, I alternate with Noah Nelson as a bassist for ‘Lethbridge Owen’ – I am in their Music Video and play a few show with them. I am the Course leader at BIMM London for the BA Professional Musicianship Course and I am also a Bass tutor.

My name is Edu Bisogno and I am the keys player for ‘Lethbridge Owen’.

What was the inspiration/is there a story behind your track?

This track was written at a time of struggle for us, with the strains and demands of running an original project whilst dealing with many of life’s general curve balls. We wrote this song about perseverance, hope and the ability to stay positive in difficult times. This is something everyone can relate to and we feel the music sets a mood – a sense of hope and optimism.

How did you approach writing this song?

I (Kelly) had come up with a motif – a strong hook which is now the chorus line, which was quite Folk inspired and very mellifluous. Jimmy had already written an acoustic instrumental piece which was yet to be turned into a song. We started to craft and work these two ideas together. The song started to take shape even more so when Jimmy came up with a rhythmic feature which is now our pre-chorus. We feel this is easily as catchy/memorable as the chorus itself.

The song has many harmonic shifts and a strong sense of rhythm (quite African inspired) and these two main musical components mirror the changes of mood in the song, with the lifts in the chorus representing a sense of positivity. The pre-chorus retains the pensive build and tension which releases into a very melodic and uplifting chorus.

Do you have a favourite line/section?

We all love the pre-chorus as it is ‘very hooky’ and shows prosody (on and on and on and on and on). The music behind really backs this statement by adding tension; as if working up to something. We also love the chorus and we love the harmonies.

My (Kelly) favourite part has to be Erik’s snare drop as the first verse enters – I love the statement it makes for the vocal to enter. Jimmy loves the chord changes at the end of the choruses.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Melliferous, harmonic rock

What’s your favourite thing about working at BIMM?

Being around creatives and great musicians on a daily basis.

Your top tip for aspiring musicians…

Be patient. Be patient with your sound, your music, your ideas, and take time to discover who you are as an artist. We live in a world of instant gratification and it’s too easy to want to throw our music out there too soon before it’s actually ready; before you even know what you are trying to say as an artist.

This band has been ticking over in the background for the last 6 years. It is not an easy ride if you want to do this properly and it takes time, effort and determination to get it good and be recognised.

Also, work with as many people as you can, listen to as much music as possible to broaden your musical ideas and start building your vision. Be clear on where you are headed and go directly for it.

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