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Behind the Track: Keziah

11th September 2017

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This song is my first single release ahead of my debut EP “Better Be Ready”. The inspiration behind the song was classic; the disillusioned, disheveled result of an unhealthy first romantic relationship. I wrote it when I was quite young and it’s evolved over time. It’s intended to be a bit tongue-in-cheek too!
The process of making the song come to life involved revisiting it after a long period and arranging it to suit a full band setting. It’s a real groover and we usually finish our live set with it to a riotous response. When we were in the studio, we recorded this and the other tunes live to an 8-track tape machine to capture the essence of early R&B/Soul records which was so fun to do.
The stand out part of the song for me is “Those love letters on your bedroom floor- she ain’t gonna letcha leave the house no’ mo’”. It’s such an ode to the blues and is referring to an actual event that happened – the person in question being ‘caught out’ … I’ll leave that up to interpretation.
Also the call and response BVS – confirming my own insanity in the first part of the song!
My sound in 3 words – throwback, filthy, heartfelt. 
Best part of studying at BIMM was meeting my amazing bandmates/best mates!


Sarah-Louise Burns

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