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Behind the Track: Jak Vapor

21st April 2017

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We go Behind the Track with BIMM Dublin’s Jak Vapor on “Drive Away”

What was the inspiration behind your track?
I wanted to write a pop song with love/relationships as the subject but not the usual sappy/clichéd stuff. This is more of a bitter, anti-love song. It encapsulates everything that’s wrong with a relationship and how all meaning and desire can get lost for the sake of convenience.

What did your songwriting process involve?
For ‘Drive Away’, the song started with the guitar riff you hear at the top of the song. The melody and lyrics came almost straight away and before I knew it, there was the guts of a song. For me, the songwriting process always starts with a riff or some interesting chords. There will always be a subconscious theme or inspiration behind why I picked the guitar up in the first place. The melody comes next. I usually just sing what comes off the top of my head and record different takes of essentially nonsense! Everything is recorded and stored in a folder/notepad. Lyrics can present themselves to you in strange circumstances so I always have the phone or notepad ready for if I hear an interesting turn of phrase or idea from somewhere when I’m on the go. If I want to demo something I usually program some drums and stuff on Logic so I can get an idea of what it might sound like with a beat. I had pre-production sessions with the producer to discuss the arrangement and instrumentation before anything was recorded. This is really important and beneficial.

Is there are story behind the song?

Sort of. I don’t really write about myself and my own experiences per se. It’s more about relationships in general. I’m a little bit over-observant and see/ hear about other relationships and draw the inspiration from that.

Can you describe your sound in three words?
Loud. Emotional. Honest.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?
For me the best thing was the fact that I was studying a level 8 degree…in music! I never had a problem getting up each morning to come to classes because the content was so engaging. The tools that BIMM equip you with, ultimately force you to better yourself to be a better writer, singer, guitarist, bassist or drummer every day! For me, the best thing overall was music theory in the first and second years with Cormac Curran. He opened a new door for me in terms of theory and how it can be applied to songwriting. Truly one of the best teachers I have ever had.


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