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Behind the Track: Ill Truth & Defex

26th May 2017

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BIMM Bristol Music Production students, Edd Hughes & Haden White – also known as Ill Truth & Defex go Behind the Track on ‘Lucid’

What was the inspiration behind your track?

Well I’ve always been a big fan of sampling middle eastern and world music, I’ve been collecting random CD’s from the Library ever since I can remember. Mostly music I wouldn’t usually put play, but goes in this bank of material to use and abuse!

What did your process involve?

This was the first collab between myself Defex and Ill Truth. I started the arrangement of the CD samples and created a basic arrangement along with some bass stabs for a hook!
Track was stemed out to Jay who finished the arrangement, then passed to Haden who added the beef and mix before sending to ‘Break’ from Symmetry Records to master. Was an overall balanced production between all us all.

Is there are story behind the track?

Not as such, the overall vibe of the track was created in one session and only 1 month later it was mixed/mastered and released to Limitless records which was great.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Dark Fizzy Roller’s

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

BIMM has some great Tutors who are all amazing musicians in their own right, and the fact that are lectures are more intimate than most Universities, gives us more time to have a discussion and ask questions. An overall relaxed environment.


The track has had some amazing feedback from the promo list which was sent out to DJ’s mailing list. We have had 4/5 star rating from a list of over 100 Dj’s including Noisia, Friction, Zero T and Reso, and also Noisia are cueing up the track for their next radio show! The track was also featured in the latest Rinse FM podcast mixed by S.P.Y and Mallet! 


Sarah-Louise Burns

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