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Behind the Track: Identity/Thief

28th August 2017

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What Was the Inspiration Behind Your Track?

I think the main inspiration for Safe and Home just revolved around what music we were listening to when we wrote it. Bands like Twin Atlantic, And So I Watch You From Afar, Paramore and Brand New. We pride ourselves as a band on wearing our influences on our sleeves (without letting them consume the full jumper!). Safe and Home was pretty much an experiment to see how these styles sounded together and if they could blend and mix in a cohesive and appropriate manner.

What was your Process?

Our vocalist Aoife and guitarists Daniel and Michael tend to write the main body of lyrics and then we meet up collectively as a band and myself and our bassist Josh will express our own inputs and opinions.
Some of us actually have lyrics in certain sections of songs which you will hear on the EP.
In relation to Safe and Home, Daniel had the main structure and riff written and brought it into rehearsals, and Aoife put lyrics to it and we tried to work around the structure in rehearsals and experiment with our own ideas.
The song came together quite naturally and it’s become an in band favourite.
We feel it best represents Identity Thief’s sound overall and is a good indicator as to what to expect sonically on the EP.

Is there a specific line in that stands out in the song, and why?

There’s a line in the second verse of the song “act like you got it all together but you don’t have a clue” that certainly hits a chord. The lyrics in general deal with themes of insecurity and finding your place in life.
For Daniel and myself in particular, completing college and walking into the real world is a daunting and scary prospect.
For better or for worse, in life you are guided through school and college somewhat by teachers and parents and then when you graduate, the onus is on the student to mature and prosper from their educational and life experiences.
That sense of finding yourself and growing up independently can be intimidating and it certainly plays on students minds.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Loud Poppy Noises.

What’s the best thing about studying in BIMM?

The best part about studying at BIMM is the wealth of knowledge in the music industry that’s available to a student. Everyone learns from each other and there’s a great sense of comradery within the college – between both students and teachers.
I certainly believe that’s benefited Daniel, Josh and myself. The 3 of us met in college and if not for BIMM we wouldn’t be in a band (or at least this one)!


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