Behind the Track

Behind the Track: Hollowers

21st June 2018


What was the inspiration/is there a story behind your track?

Our second single ‘More’ was the very first song Jamie and I began writing last year. At the time, we were still laying out the blueprints for our sound as a band, as well as developing a theme for our first EP, so the track initially was quite experimental.

How did you write this song?

Jamie and I began sharing ideas over emails whilst I was still living in Ireland. I wanted to pursue songwriting full-time, so I moved to London last year so that we could join forces and start writing in the studio together. ‘More’ instantly had this summer beach feel to it, which we harnessed with a punchy rhythm line and steel drums. The song talks about meeting a past boyfriend or girlfriend again for the first time, and experiencing that rush of old feelings coming back. We aimed to recreate a nostalgic feel to reflect this, which was helped by a mutual love for 80’s and 90’s summer soundtracks, like Fragma’s Toca’s Miracle and Will Smith’s Summertime.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the song?

‘More’ was definitely a lot of fun to create; the hook of the song is really energetic, and contrasts well with the instrumental drop at the start of verse two, probably my favourite part of the song!

Can you describe your sound in three words?

I would describe our sound for our first EP as bold, energetic & atmospheric!

How do you feel your sound has developed from studying at BIMM?

HOLLOWERS has its grassroots in BIMM; I began studying here around the same time that Jamie and I began creating music. The college has been instrumental in providing a number of invaluable opportunities for us in terms of exposure, performance opportunities and expert feedback.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

We are already working with a number of other BIMM student musicians for our live performances, and as a new artist, it’s great to be gaining new performance and production skills through BIMM while simultaneously carving out our own sound.


Sarah-Louise Burns

Having been part of the BIMM Marketing Team since 2016, Sarah has been working in Social Media Marketing since 2013. She Graduated the University of Hertfordshire in BA(Hons) Photography and Media Business and has a keen interest in the power of social media.