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Behind the Track: Hannah Rose

18th June 2017

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What was the inspiration behind your track?

In my previous year of education, I studied performing arts at Carlisle College. We were given a project with the stimuli of terrorism, so my group decided to create a dance piece which I then created the song to dance to.

What did your process involve?

Researching various terrorism stories for this project, we decided the story would be focusing on a boy who was misled into terrorism by being promised god and glory; little did he know what he was getting himself into. I then wrote the lyrics alongside writing the melody a cappella, which then my dad produced using his music software into an electronic dance style.

Is there a specific line that stands out in the song, and why?

The words in the chorus probably stand out the most as it sums up the theme of the story. However, because this is such a strong theme to be singing about, especially after what’s been happening recently in the news, all of the lyrics are important and stand out individually. Also the fact that the lyrics portray a different ‘side of the story’ about terrorism makes it more intriguing for the listeners to hear.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Unique, electro, dance.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

Interacting with other like-minded musicians.


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