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Behind The Track: Gisella

20th June 2019

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Can you tell us in your own words what ‘Crave Me’ is about? 

To be honest, I keep a lyric book with me and have so many lyrics in it from different life situations that when it comes to writing a track, I tend to look through the book and bring parts together. My songs end up being about so many different situations I have been through, so it’s never about one thing. In-fact, some of these lyrics are from when I was about 14!

This particular song is mainly about someone not treating you like you’re all they want and therefore making you feel insecure (I don’t know how I ever felt that at the age of 14! Haha!). But I did start writing love songs from quite a young age.

The track was produced and released by East London’s ‘One Louder Studios’.
Can you tell us how your relationship with the studio came about, as well as how you approached the production/vibe of the track?

Yes, I went into the studio to record top line lyrics for two different house and techno DJs that are based in Ibiza. I live in East London so thought I would try a new studio out as I used to travel to a studio in central and after doing a few sessions at the studio, Alan who runs the label asked if I would be interested in writing an album with them and being signed to the label, which was really exciting and something I’ve always wanted to do, so yeah it’s been a great few months!

The producer I work with is so talented and we chatted about making sure my all my music had a reggae and drum and bass feel to the tracks as this is the style I love. I feel like he has really added that onto Crave Me and we are making sure it is consistent through out the album.

 Any other news in the pipeline you’re able to tell us about?

Yes. This month, I am filming my first music video for Crave Me, which I can’t wait to do. I am also releasing the second track called Just Fine, which I can’t wait to share! I’ve got about four songs pretty much finished so once I have five I’m going to start gigging around London and hopefully a few more festivals.

Lastly, what was the most valuable thing you took from your time at BIMM Brighton?

I took so many amazing things from BIMM, but I think the most valuable is the other musicians that I still see and work with now, my good friends from uni are all doing amazing things musically and we all massively support each other.


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