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Behind the Track: Dante Miller

8th June 2017

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What was the inspiration behind your track?

If we are not all familiar with the term ‘bae’ here, it means your significant other. I had one of these a very long time ago, we broke up over a year ago and this is when I first wrote the song. The inspiration and thought process behind it was essentially – I’m a very heartbroken man but sharing my emotion is something I don’t like. I just prefer to laugh things off and then it came to me – ‘Bitch I need ya’.

What did your songwriting process involve?

This was one of the first songs I had ever written. It started off with more of an RnB style beat that I made with my friend from back home in Cheltenham, Tilah. I was hearing a lot of hooks over it so I started adding them in and the lyrics were just coming naturally. I mean as the song says I “chat shit”, and quite a lot of it at that. I had this demo for over a year and had tried it out a few times with some bands for assessments at BIMM.  I eventually found my full-time band and working with guitar student, Louis Veillon, we went over the structure and made it work as a good pop/funk song.

Is there a story behind the song?

As I said previously, the story behind the song is that I had this girlfriend that I met at Sixth Form. She became my best friend straight away and there was an instant connection (even though most of it was done over text as I was too scared to speak to her in person). I always had a huge, borderline stalky crush on her but just always thought she was completely out of my league and all that. Long story short; a year down the line after long anticipation we’re together because she loved me for some reason. Another year down the line we break up. I was a sad man, I am ‘baeless’ and now here’s the song to prove it.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Catchy, Original and Fun.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

The best thing about studying at BIMM is the people, be it the students or the lecturers. It’s nice to be in an environment where you’re surrounded by people who genuinely want you to succeed. I have only been at BIMM for 7 months but I have improved massively as a singer and I am more technically aware of what I am doing. As well as this, I have gone from just plodding along writing songs by myself, doing gigs acoustically either with guitar or keyboard, to now 2 months later and I have recorded an EP with a full band which is going be released on May 4th. I didn’t even have a band before that and now because some of the management students and other musicians/producers have believed in me, we have managed to pull it off so quickly. Everybody is so talented and helpful; it’s lovely.


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