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Behind the Track: Dani Hart

24th February 2017

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Dani Hart is a Chilean rock singer currently studying at BIMM London with her multi-cultured band, we asked her a couple of questions about her latest track ‘Let The Children’

What was the inspiration behind your track?

The song is inspired by George Orwell’s ‘Animal Farm’, it looks at the effects of marketing on the baby boomer generation and how that reflects on society today. I also wanted to actively analyse the foundations of our civilization, how the dominant class formed and ultimately established the pillars of our societies and systems. At the same time, realising how easily distracted we can get with whatever themes catch on in the media.

What did your songwriting process involve?

The song was built from the main riff. I took it and arranged the structure and wrote the lyrics. The first draft was written on the spot after receiving the riff from my guitarist Ryan Wilson, but it took some time to find out a suitable tempo and more detailed arrangements.

I was reading a lot about the early developments of marketing, the after-effects of WWII and thinking about the amount of distractions we live with (I tend to get easily distracted so this was a trigger on its own). At the same time I was doing an online course on Viral Marketing which gave me so many ideas that I have incorporate into both the song and the video.

As English isn’t my first language, I use Google Translate and resources such as Rhymezone to create the lyrics, and I always get my songs proof-read by Brit Ryan (although sometimes we’d both miss stupid mistakes, so a third eye is always recommended).

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Loud, Catchy, Groovy.

What things do you do differently to other bands?

We are a rare combination of nationalities and personalities within our five members. A Chilean singer (and sound technician), a British guitarist (and actor), a German female drummer (And economist), a Serbian bassist (and construction manager) and a French session guitarist (and producer). Half introverts, half extroverts. We’re all from different countries, our ages vary between early and late 20’s to 50+ years old, but all of us get along incredibly well. We love learning from our differences and translating them into a unique combination of rhythms, riffs and performances.

Have you channeled any artist in particular on this track?

Certainly the riffs and funk of Nile Rodgers and Stevie Wonder have influenced us.
Also, one of my favorite bands is Aerosmith, so songs like Rag Doll or Muse with Panic Station.
For the Interlude after the solo, I was deeply inspired by an iconic Chilean singer/songwriter called Victor Jara and his song ‘La Partida’ (The Departure). It’s an incredible instrumental piece, full of instruments and rhythms typical of native northern Altiplano music in Chile, Peru and Bolivia.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

Well that would be exactly what we stand for: multiculturalism. Living and moving to an environment and city full of diversity, with people all over the world.

Also, having well equipped facilities and being able to network with other future professionals of the industry. You can also record, rehearse and learn from the feedback you receive. I think these are key points when it comes developing as a band. It’s all about seeing the opportunities available and making them work for your own goals, life and context.

What’s the best bit of music advice you’ve been given?

Use your difficulties as your main asset, make full use of your creativity to make sure your music happens, no matter what. Also, whatever ”failure” happens, will tomorrow become an important lesson.

There are so many examples of success, in so many fields and most (if not all of them) are built primarily upon constant failure. It’s a matter of being creative, constantly learning from everyone and everything and never giving up (but I’ll confirm this last part when we actually get there!)

What’s next for You?

On Saturday 4th March we are playing ‘Music Without Borders,” a charity rock concert at the Surya (near King’s Cross). It’s a huge opportunity to celebrate our multiculturalism while actively raising funds to support the fight against cancer. The event is student run and organised by Rock Mot Cancer (Rock Against Cancer, Sweden), the band From The Cave and myself via my side project WorldBuzz Records. We are being supported by the UK Cancer Research, Surya and BIMM London.

It’s going to be a great international night with top quality rock acts (most from BIMM) including the singer/songwriter Swedish sensation Carl Olander, indie rock From The Cave and Brit-rock band Fuzzwalker. There will also be a DJ set afterwards and 100% of the ticket sales are going to charity!

For more information about Music Without Borders gig, click here!

We are also working with some amazing students from The London Film Academy to shoot our next video and applying to as many festivals and venues as we can within the UK and Continental Europe. It’s a very busy time at the moment, we’re doing everything we can to hopefully one day pay the rent with this project!

And who knows? One day, perhaps not too far away a South American tour… (Fingers Crossed!).

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