Behind the Track

Behind the Track: Caustic Minds – Baby Doll

18th July 2019


Berlin-based quartet Caustic Minds share with us an energetic track from their latest record Black Oil For A Soul: a pithy and intelligent take on the perception of women in Mexican culture. We find out more about their songwriting process, their experience as BIMM students, and what ultimately inspired them to write this stirring piece.

What was the inspiration and is there a story behind the track?

The inspiration behind the track is essentially the man’s world we are living in and the struggles women face in order to be considered as equal without suffering from sexualization. 

Our singer Lau wanted to project her experience with gender violence living in her home town (Mexico City) through the lyrics. She’s speaking for all the girls that have gone out of their home and never made it back safe and sound.  How we feel about this issue is very clear and reflected in the song. 

What did your process involve?

The song emerged from the bass line, which led to the guitar and drum parts. Then, we knew that this music was the perfect frame for a song with a solid statement – it was then our singer Lau started speaking her ideas out loud and trying to match them with the music.

Do you have a favourite line or section of the song?

Our favourite section is the outro. During this part, there is a line that says: “why are you afraid of change? It’s over now”. We love this bit because the lyrics are direct, the climax of the song arrives, and the guitar solo comes in unapologetically. 

Usually, these people are violent against women because they’re afraid of having their world taken over or ruled by girls. They feel threatened of losing the power and privilege that they have been holding onto for centuries; and when change arrives, their privileges become shared, modified or erased. The old times are over now.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Our sound for this song, in particular, could be described as punk, punchy and fearless.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM Berlin? 

The best part is probably what has happened to us. We are a band formed by people from different parts of the world with the same goal to create something together. 

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Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen

Elizabeth Jacyshyn-Owen is a Berlin based writer, translator, and BIMM Bristol graduate currently acting as music editor for indieBerlin. She has an MA in Musicology from Oxford Brookes University and is studying for a PgCert in Translation.