Behind the Track

Behind the Track: Barbara Broggini & Sinplus

28th February 2018


Our latest ‘Behind The Track’ is ‘Runnin’ Wild’ – the new song by Swiss duo, and 2012 Eurovision Song Content representatives, Sinplus. The band are brothers Ivan and Gabriel Broggini, and we just happen to have the band’s Manager (and sister) Barbara Broggini studying Music Business with us here at BIMM Berlin. So we thought we’d delve a little more deeply into the music of Sinplus and ask Barbara about how the track came to be.

What was the inspiration/is there a story behind the track?

As always, Sinplus like to experiment with different genres and challenge themselves. During one of their songwriting sessions, the guys were listening to lots of music from the ‘80s. As a result, they decided to write a song inspired by the greatest artists of this time, such as Joy Division and David Bowie, but with a modern vibe and production. The idea behind the lyrics “I’m runnin’ on rage, I’m out of control, It’s not what I want but what I need” and “Don’t have to be afraid now, leaving you for good now” is that they motivate you to do what is right and what is best for you… even if sometimes it means you have to run away from what you wanted.

In what way were you supporting the band while they created the track?

As a team, we always have listening sessions where Sinplus show us what they’re working on. We then decide together which tracks we see potential in and which ones should be prioritised. I felt that ‘Runnin’ Wild’ was the perfect track to be released in January, to start the New Year in a killer mood. I also believed that after the release of a ballad, it was necessary to have a song that shows the rockier side of Sinplus. This is why we decided to use powerful scenes from their live show for the music video. It was really important to us to show the live industry, and especially music festivals, that the band performs an epic rock’n’roll live show.

Sinplus have a lot of exciting plans coming up. What are you most excited about?

Last year, Sinplus released the now Gold (CH) ballad ‘You and I’, which gained the attention of multiple important music industry executives, so we now have many projects on the horizon. This is why the guys spent 2017 writing and producing lots of new music between Berlin, Copenhagen and LA with an A-team of producers and engineers. This means that we now have different opportunities where we can really compete in the international music market so it’s time to take the band to the next level… and this is very exciting! I’m now preparing a strong promotion in collaboration with different agencies for the single ‘Dreams’, to be released on 6th April.

Can you describe the band’s sound in three words?

This is a very tricky question, since Sinplus like to experiment with different sounds. But I guess what all their songs have in common are Sinplus’ dreamy/melodic lines and a modern sound. So it’d say:
Melodic modern pop/rock (OK, I cheated…).

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

At BIMM, I have the chance to exchange opinions with music industry professionals. There’s always a tutor, or even a student, with lots of experience in one specific field who you can ask questions of. For example, when I had a meeting with a publisher, I asked one of our tutors how they thought I should prepare for the meeting. I also like the fact that at BIMM, you’re not just a ‘number’ as is the case in many universities and colleges – instead, you’re part of a community.

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Lucy Donovan

Lucy is the International Marketing Manager for BIMM Berlin and Hamburg.