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Behind the Track: Asha Jane

25th April 2017

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Since graduating from BIMM Bristol in September 2016, Asha Jane has been busy creating new music. We’re going Behind the Track on her latest release ‘Soul Society’.

What was the inspiration behind your track?
I had this untitled poem by Emily Dickinson memorised from my A-levels. At the time I resonated with what I’d read about her lifestyle. We were from different centuries and countries but both reclusively writing all the time – sat in our nightwear – surrounded by piles of paper and notebooks full of verse. Some of Dickinson’s poems are unnamed; they were found disorganised and folded up in random places after her death and then categorised with numbers. My song is based on some lines from her poem ‘303’. I just felt like I knew what she meant by it.

What did your songwriting process involve?
I sat at my piano with pen, paper and poem to hand. I was so adamant about that original draft that I stubbornly thought ANY small change would ruin it. Of course when it came to pre-production (BIMMer’s know what I mean) it was changed. “I don’t need your diamond” went from being my least favourite passing line to the main hook. It definitely took some convincing but I trusted those involved in helping me.

Shout out to my friends, Nicola and Conor, who recorded it with me – they’re efficient session players and really understand me as a person and an artist. Recording with them was like that part in Charlie and The Chocolate Factory where the children first enter the factory meadow and get to eat whatever they want. Gluttonous and full of sugar, telling each other to try this and try that. Augustus Gloop is my studio spirit animal.

Is there are story behind the song?
Yes but it came after I first made a rushed recording of it into my laptop and put it on Soundcloud for uni work. I was upset that my mum had ‘accidently’ shared it to her Facebook because I didn’t feel ready to share. It’s really cliche but later on I’d bumped into my ex-partner on my way home from a gig. Leaving them was such a huge life change that I don’t think I’d really had a chance to reflect on but suddenly I knew I’d made the right choice. When I got home, I just felt Zen and satisfied with my personal closure. It was an epiphany of appreciation for all the positive people in my life. Feeling like I’d regained my autonomy, I filmed the song. Filming myself and putting it online was a huge fear of mine and in that moment I just felt like conquering it.

Can you describe your sound in three words?
Soulfull, literary ballads.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?
I graduated in September but I really miss it. The staff and tutors are career goals – they’re all secretly in cool bands or doing amazing things they don’t tell you about! There are plenty of open opportunities to go for at BIMM and I never felt like there was a question I couldn’t ask – that is important.


Sarah-Louise Burns

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