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Behind the Track: Anamelia

12th April 2018

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What was the inspiration/is there a story behind your track?

The instrumental has an ambient vibe to it so I instantly knew I had to take it down that specific route. The general instrumentation of the song and its effects made me feel ‘floaty’ as if I’m on top of a cloud chilling. The song lyrics are actually about my relationship with myself, it’s about finding confidence in myself and my sound and how I used to be a different person to what I am now. Through growth and experience, I have managed to sit back and realise I deserve better, starting with my own approach to self needs and doing things according to my beliefs.

How did you write this song?

I free-styled the lyrics and most of the melody. I made sure to record it as I went along, that’s how I write most of my songs. This song was actually a collaboration in regards to the backing track, but the lyrical content and theme was all written by me. What drives me the most in this song is the energetic trap-like beat, I was able to play on that rhythmically, especially in the outro section of the song. Usually when a beat interests me, I’m able to write/freestyle at that moment and time.

Do you have a favourite line/section of the song?

It’s hard to choose as the song tells a story; in which every bit is vital. However, if I had to choose, it would be the opening:
“Sometimes we rise and sometimes we fall.”
I wrote that because I was happy to finally accept failures as a learning curve and a positive experience.

Can you describe your sound in three words?

Atmospheric, Intense, Raw.

How do you feel your sound has developed from studying at BIMM?

I have definitely managed to find my sound and clarify what it is that I would like to sing and develop. I have improved my vocal techniques in order to be able to manipulate them, and my voice for the song effects. Being at BIMM has helped me pinpoint what I want to do with my music, but also what I don’t. I’ve also explored new and old artists, and being around like minded people has been vital to my inspiration. I have also met some GREAT people/musicians!

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM?

Thanks to BIMM I have realised that my dreams are actually achievable. BIMM allowed me to be aware of the skills I needed to develop in order to become a professional artist within this industry. I have learned a lot from trying to arrange music in class and songwriting. Working with other musicians has been priceless. I feel confident to be able to go out into the industry now. My main tip for myself and others out there is to always remember there is room for improvement. Evolving as a musician is a never ending progress.





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