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Behind the Record: Jordan – Mianta

28th June 2019

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With velvety vocals and a unique songwriting style, BIMM Berlin’s Jordan Baker is set to release her debut EP Mianta this Friday. We spoke with the third-year vocals student concerning this exciting new project, and gained intriguing insights into her creative process and upcoming plans.

For those who aren’t familiar with your sound, could you try to describe it?

My sound takes a lot of inspiration from typical 60s guitar and backing vocal lines – my music tends to be placed in the area of alternative-indie-pop. I use a range of melancholic lyrics, and focus on angelic and haunting melodies with an alternative retro feel. For example, large inspirations for my music would be Alexandra Savior and Lana Del Rey.

Your new EP Mianta comes out next week – how long has it been in the works?

The first song I wrote for it was Shadows, which was actually written three years ago! After writing that song, I decided I wanted to build a concept around it, and essentially explain the story behind how everything ended up as it does for the girl in the last song. In the three years since that first song, I’ve continued working on it, and once I felt happy with the songs I’d created, I went on to book a recording space and really dove into it.

Is there a particular story behind this record? What’s the inspiration behind the name?

I went through a very personal experience when I was around seventeen, and as a result wrote Shadows a few years later. I thought about a multitude of situations which might cause a person to feel depressed, and at a loss as to who they are. Then Red Lady my personal favourite – came along, and that ended up highlighting that the concept story I wanted to go for, which was going to be surrounding a girl who followed her desires and need to be loved to the point of losing who she is and everyone around her. Hence the title Mianta, which is actually Irish for the word desires. I chose to have the EP title be in Irish – as I wanted there to be a reference to where I’m originally from – and thought that it would be an interesting title.

Talk us through your creative process – where do you begin once you’ve got the initial inspiration for a track?

Honestly? A lot of the time, a melody will come at the most random times. I then tend to create lyrics for it and meet up with one of my guitarists, Greg Thompson, and we go over the lyrics and edit them. I describe to him the feeling that I intend on creating, and (usually after about six hours) we end up somewhere. From there, I continuously work on the song and go back and forth on it to ensure it sounds how I want it to. Then, the obvious steps will follow – introducing it to the rest of the instrumentalists and having them also make suggestions. I always love getting people’s opinions and ideas and growing from them.

What’s the best thing about studying at BIMM Berlin?

The best thing for me is the aspect of challenge. In my first year, I was the most awkward, frozen person on stage – and through being pushed and encouraged by fellow students and my mentors, I became a person who I never expected to become. I will always be so grateful for all the support BIMM provided for me and the safe atmosphere they created. I will definitely miss being there in the next year and will never forget my time there.

Want to catch Jordan live? Check out more details of her EP release gig at Noize Fabrik here.

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