An Introduction to Song Circles

12th April 2017

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Introduce yourself…
Hi! my name is Becky Jones, I’m the Head of Songwriting at BIMM London, I’m also a singer-songwriter myself going by the name ‘Saint Saviour’.

What is Song Circles?
Song Circles is a sort of brand identity we set up to represent the work of our songwriting talent here at BIMM London. We run a series of regular songwriting events throughout the term, from open mics to showcases and ‘live lounge’ recordings. We also blog and promote our writer’s work – we are currently working on a ‘New Songwriters’ podcast, as well as using all the usual social networks.

How long has Song Circles been running?
Song Circles has been going for about three years.

What’s been your favourite moment so far?

There’s no specific moment, but my favourite thing in the world is when a nervous young songwriting student unveils an amazing song at an open mic – they rarely have a clue just how talented they are. It’s an absolute honour to witness these moments on a regular basis.

How can people get involved?
The best thing to do is engage with us on the social networks, come to an open mic, or people can email [email protected].

You can find Song Circles on Facebook, Instagram & Soundcloud 


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