Alessandro Liccardo & Volcano Records

5th January 2017

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Studying at BIMM London opened up a completely new world for my career. After my Diploma in 2012 I came back to Italy where everything I had faced in London was so impressed in my mind, it gave me a brand new pair of eyes to think about what I was doing. Of course, my musicianship and knowledge about my own instrument (guitar) was widely improved but what really gave me the inspiration to do what I do now was the Music Business course. There, I learned that the opportunities of developing a solid career in music were all around us – in every moment, in every meeting, and in every new experience.

From there I had the idea to found my own company with two of my best friends in Italy, so we created a press office and communications agency called Volcano Promotion. After a couple of years we evolved into Volcano Records, an independent record label that nowadays manages and produces dozens of bands and artists from all around Europe. Volcano Records distributes and promotes original music in Europe, North America, South America, Japan, and Australia. My role is now Business Development Manager. My job is absolutely crazy and I love it.

Generally speaking I spend half the week in my office, leading my team and working on strategies to improve the value of the company, networking with people from all around the world. I also listen to tons of great new music, speak with artists and attend gigs and live acts to see what new stuff is happening. I often spend the second half of the week travelling around the country to meet my partners and to create new opportunities and links. Running a label is an absolutely thrilling adventure and my greatest satisfaction comes when I see a new artist reaching thousands of new fans and becoming part of their everyday lives. I discovered a completely new aspect of music, not only as a musician and producer but also through gaining inspiration from others and really enjoying my job in the business. I’ll never stop thanking my tutors in London for opening up my mind to all this.


Lucy Evers

As an ex-student of BIMM Brighton and a Vocalist in a Math Pop band Orchards, Lucy has an overview of the student experience that applies to you all. Lucy’s passions for music, journalism and photography all coincide here to showcase; live shows, top tips to living a student lifestyle and the general beauty of the city you live in. She wants you to get a down to earth overview of your BIMM student experience.