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7 Ways To Be Kind To Yourself

19th May 2020

In the words of the great Rupaul Charles, “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love somebody else?”

In this current world, kindness is so important. But, there’s one person we often forget to be kind to – and that’s ourselves. So, we’ve put together a short list of ways to be kind to YOU!

1) Celebrate the Little Wins

You know, you can celebrate everything you achieve! When you’ve done something you’re proud of – no matter what it is – pause and dwell on it. Give yourself a pat on the back and say ‘well done’. If you haven’t noticed, we’re currently living through a pandemic, so BE proud of yourself when you do something you’re chuffed about

2) Listen to Your Inner Advocate

We all know that inner critic, and we’re not really a fan – they’re always quick to judge and put you down. Well, it’s time to let your inner advocate in on the conversation! Your inner advocate is your number one champion. They’re always on your side and are there to defend you when the inner critic comes along. Think of them like your Angel and Devil on either shoulder – and we all know it’s better to listen to the Angel.

3) Forgive Yourself

You’re human. You make mistakes, it happens. Don’t beat yourself up about it though. You can move past those moments of regret. You will learn from them and it’s okay to forgive yourself!

4) Take Some You Time

Even if it’s just 10 minutes a day, find time to do something that brings you joy. Whether it’s playing an instrument, dancing around your room to your favourite playlist (we’ve got a great playlist here if you’re looking), or just sitting down in silence. You know what you need to make you feel better, so listen to yourself and DO IT!

5) Look After Yourself

This comes up whenever we talk about mental health, but eating well, exercise, getting a good night’s sleep – these are all things we need to do to be kind to ourselves. It’s easy to let things slip, especially when we’re living through a very confusing time, but it’s always a good starting point.

6) Treat Yourself

Okay, this goes a little against the last point, but it’s okay to have that pint and eat that chocolate. It’s all about balance, and if you overindulge, go back to point three and forgive yourself!

7) Reach Out

You don’t have to do this on your own. Speak to people you trust and don’t feel you have to face those negative feelings alone when you get them. Sometimes, we struggle on forwards trying to cope, but actually opening up and asking for help is the right thing to do.

There are lots of lists online with suggestions of ways to be kind to yourself, and intuitively we know these things. We know the things that make us feel good. Sometimes, the other feelings become a bit too overwhelming though, but that’s okay too.

At the end of the day, just try to look after yourself the way you try to look after the people around you. Follow the advice you share with your friends, and give yourself a little hug every now and then!

It’s important to remember that you’re never alone in these times. If you need support or advice during this lockdown – or you just want someone to talk to – our friendly and experienced Student Support Team is here to help. You can reach out via your college’s dedicated Student Support email or send us a DM across our social channels.


Sarah-Louise Burns

Having been part of the BIMM Marketing Team since 2016, Sarah has been working in Social Media Marketing since 2013. She Graduated the University of Hertfordshire in BA(Hons) Photography and Media Business and has a keen interest in the power of social media.