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6 Ways to Make the Most of Your Online Gigs

23rd April 2020

Since we went into lockdown in March, the new getting up on stage has been getting in front of a camera. Artists from all over have embraced the livestream gig. Plus, promoters and venues have been filling their schedules with live shows on their platform, helping artists continue to promote their music and reach new audiences.

Whilst we’re still in a time of uncertainty, this will be key for keeping momentum behind your brand as an artist. Here are six ways you can maximise this opportunity and gain more exposure from it…

1) Get your social channels in order

Make sure you’ve got a link to each channel across all your social channels. If you can have the same name across each social channel this is always helpful, but if not, just make sure where ever your audience lands, they can find the rest of your online presence.

This includes making sure the ‘About’ section on your Facebook page is up to date, as well as your ‘About’ section on Spotify.

How about pinning a Tweet to the top of your Twitter feed that links to your Facebook, Spotify and Instagram? Or, on Instagram, why not set up a LinkTree? This is free and you can add all your links; so, the link you include in your bio will direct your audience to more than one place.

2) Pre-promotion

If people don’t know you’re going live – and at what time and where – then you’re straight away limiting your audience. If you’re working with a venue/promoter, ask for assets to help promote the event. Also, make sure they have all your social media channels so when they’re promoting, they can tag you.

Also, remember to use BIMM Connect and the BIMM Student Facebook Groups to share with your classmates that you’re going online.

3) Set up your performance space

Wherever you go live is your stage, so make it look nice! If you’re in your bedroom, tidy behind you, make your bed and if you’ve got any nice lighting like fairy lights, put these up.

Also, if you’re using your phone, think about the platform and which way up you should film yourself. On Instagram Live you should go portrait, but for Facebook or YouTube, you’re better off going landscape.

4) How can people find you?

Make sure you introduce yourself early in the livestream and tell the audience how they can find out more about you. But, also remember people will be dropping in and out, so maybe mention if they can find that song you’ve just performed on Spotify.

If you’re running the livestream through your Facebook page, have a bio written that has all your links included (you can create short URL’s with

Do you sell merch? Make sure they know where this can be found too.


Okay, maybe you can’t engage during your livestream performance as you’re busy. But, did you get any comments whilst you were performing? Respond to them and say thank you. Audiences on social media really do engage better when you’re personable, so talk to people!

6) How do you measure success?

When you’re running your channels, it is good to monitor the analytics. We don’t mean deep-diving into the technical side, but tracking your follower numbers each week, total engagements, total reach. You can then see how these change and the impact these performances are having.

The same goes with tracking your listens on Spotify/Soundcloud/Bandcamp. Did you see a big increase the day after you performed?

For tracking your social channel analytics, make sure you’re set up as a brand on Instagram. Twitter analytics can be found here, and with Facebook, you can find your analytics under ‘Insights’ in the top bar when you’re on the page on a desktop (or they do have the Insights App too).

Don’t forget that BIMM students are performing live to the nation each week with the BIMM Lockdown Sessions. If you’re wanting to perform, simply get in touch on the BIMM Lockdown Sessions Facebook page. Alternatively, everyone can support the sessions by watching the live streams, commenting and liking the acts. 


Sarah-Louise Burns

Having been part of the BIMM Marketing Team since 2016, Sarah has been working in Social Media Marketing since 2013. She Graduated the University of Hertfordshire in BA(Hons) Photography and Media Business and has a keen interest in the power of social media.