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6 Things I Can’t Wait to Reopen in Birmingham

7th April 2021

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One way we’re here for you during your time with us is by providing supportive Mentors who know what it’s like to be at BIMM. Like all our Mentors, Felix Shepherd is here to offer a friendly face and help you as you transition into BIMM life. Here, he tells us six places he can’t wait to go to in Birmingham, once restrictions are eased. 

Even though we still don’t have a definite pandemic end date (well, let’s hope it’s June 21st), we are seeing the light at the end of an outright crazy long tunnel. I will be honest and say I have started to count down the days following the roadmap announcement. It got me thinking about the things I want to do when the world goes back to normal.

I’m sure I’m not the only person who is excited to do some of the small things we probably all took for granted. These include hugging our friends, seeing our family, going to live shows and festivals, making new friends, having in-person birthday parties, and of course, going out anywhere without worrying! So, I have compiled a list of six things I can’t wait to reopen in Birmingham:

1) The Sunflower Lounge

As cliche as it might sound, being a musician, I really can’t wait any longer for all the music venues to reopen. However, an honourable mention has to go to The Sunflower Lounge. It will always hold a special place in my heart as a great place to play and watch live music.


I am a huge food lover, and even though takeout has its place, you really can’t beat eating out at a restaurant with the people you care about. For me, this place is BYRON. If you like burgers, I can’t recommend checking out this place enough.

3) CrossFit Digbeth

As well as being a big lover of music and food, I am also a registered CrossFit athlete, something that many people don’t know about me. So I am extremely stoked to have the gyms opening up for everyone. My top pick would be CrossFit Digbeth, a short walk from BIMM. I know that CrossFit isn’t for everyone, and I sometimes train at branches like Pure Gym.

4) Primark

The excitement I have for this to open will probably be met with mixed views, but considering Birmingham has the largest one in Europe, there really is something for everyone.

5) The Library of Birmingham

I have to take you all the way to Broad Street for this one, and as nerdy as it makes me sound, I really am looking forward to the Library of Birmingham opening. The rooftop is an amazing spot in the summer, and the number of books I have read there would have cost me more than my degree itself.

6) Birmingham Nightclubs

My list wouldn’t be complete without a nightclub – or in my case, an entire village of them. The Gay Village is in between Chinatown and the Bullring and is home to several of my favourite clubs and bars. This also happens to be where I spent my BIMM Freshers, so it’s always been a favourite place for me and my former classmates. Plus, Snobs is around the corner!

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Loulou Baylis

Loulou is BIMM's Copywriter and joined the Marketing Team in March 2019. Loulou's main passions include music (especially anything to do with Fleetwood Mac), writing, and going on adventures (while trying not to get injured in the process).