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Green Door Store

20th October 2016


Need to know where to drink, eat, meet and, most importantly, see live music? Let BIMM be your guide. Tatjana Harrington-Steward kicks off this regular series by looking behind the Green Door.

Tucked away underneath Brighton’s railway station is hidden gem The Green Door Store. Serving as both a music venue for live performances and a nightclub that ensures a fun night out, the late bar is a hit with Brighton’s youth.

Having opened in 2011, Green Door Store has steadily become renowned for showcasing both local talent and big names.
With an industrial interior of brick walls that resembles the inside of an old-fashioned warehouse, Green Door Store offers an underground vibe that is unique amongst music venues in Brighton. The bands that perform there reflect this, with the likes of quirky Californian garage punk duo The Garden and up and coming Nottingham-based electronic R&B artist Nao both having played recently.

After 11pm, entry is free, which means there’s no excuse not to sample an incredible variety of regular club nights. Fans of hip-hop and R&B are bound to enjoy events such as Donuts and Bossy, whereas fans of indie rock and alternative music may find nights such as Club Psychedelia or Meet the Sloths more to their liking.

For anyone hoping to put on an event or perform at The Green Door Store, contact Toni Coe at



Tatjana Harrington-Steward