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28th November 2016

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A music venue on a boat always sounds intriguing – and Thekla in Bristol is just that.

Having hosted the likes of Blossoms, Years and Years, and Catfish and the Bottlemen (to name but a few), Thekla is one of those music venues that is always ahead of the band-wagon – booking new acts that are definitely destined for success.

Located on the East Mud Dock in Bristol since the 1980’s, Thekla has been used as a showboat, nightclub, and gig venue for several years. In 2006 promotions company DHP took over the Thekla and made it the established music venue that it is today. Hosting numerous popular club nights such as Pressure (alternative music) on Thursday nights and Pop Confessional on Saturday nights, Thekla is definitely the place to be. The fact that it is literally a ‘party on a boat’ means that you’re definitely going to have a great night out.

In terms of live music Thekla puts on numerous gigs weekly – incorporating all types of music genres to suit wide audiences. Its intimate capacity of 400 means that you always get a great view and the sound is always top notch from wherever you stand. Recently BIMM Brighton alumni, The Wytches, performed a sweaty, sold-out gig at Thekla and it was incredible! There was crowd-surfers galore as well as mosh pits on the boat – it just can’t get any better than that!

Therefore if you either want a good night out or a great gig to go to, look no further than Thekla in Bristol as there is definitely something for everyone (and you also need to experience a gig on a boat at least once in your lifetime!).



Maria Torres

Maria is a 2nd Year Student, studying Music Business at BIMM Bristol