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The Whiskey Jar

22nd November 2016

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We caught up with BIMM Manchester student Olly Flavell and asked him to reveal the hidden secrets of Manchester’s music scene.

Manchester has an amazing array of live music going on every night. But there’s one place that I fell in love with from the first time I stepped foot in the door. Tucked away in the back streets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter on Tariff Street is a bar called The Whiskey Jar. Every Tuesday (as stated on the board outside) they hold probably the world’s best open mic night. Hosted by the wittiest of Scotsmen, Joe, who never seems to let the night have a dull moment.

Kicking off around half past eight, the evening begins with talent oozing out the door! Joe silences the room in a polite or not so polite way. He always starts off the night with a classic from Ryan Adams called ‘Sweet Carolina’ accompanied by The Whiskey Jar’s best. Being slightly different to the usual open mic set up in that you only get the best talent in there. Twelve acts get three songs each, so there’s a six week waiting list to perform but all in all it’s worth it!

You can expect the acts to be ground breaking, with some of the regulars hitting it on the head week in and week out. Newcomers to the night are more often than not outstanding too! So if you are looking for somewhere to pop out to on a Tuesday in Manchester and have an extremely rare Whiskey with out of this world music, I couldn’t recommend The Whiskey Jar any more highly!



Olly Flavell

Olly is a 1st Year Student, studying Songwriting at BIMM Manchester