Ten Tonne Promotions – PINK Party

30th January 2017

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Pink Party was a very appropriate name for this event; the Green Door Store was buzzing with glitter covered music lovers and the atmosphere was instantly uplifting. The team from Ten Tonne Promotions floated around the event, bringing a human face to the Ten Tonne brand.

The first band of the evening were ‘Keep Clear


Keep Clear are still in their infancy but this is not to their detriment as the band ooze potential. Their songs are full of powerful riffs and slamming drums which complement the vocalist’s underground punk-style vocals. You cannot help but admire a drummer with such an array of facial expressions too!

Now, Hush were the band I had heard the least about, but when a vocalist strolls on stage in a ripped suit jacket with a Mickey Mouse artwork and football shirt underneath, you can expect a show! And they delivered; foundations of funk were combined with Axl Rose inspired vocals and an Aerosmith attitude. Everything about this band is a homage to classic rock ‘n’ roll. I expect a lot from these guys in the future.

Chatting to Ten Tonne between acts, I could tell how excited they were about the night. It was such a positive atmosphere to be a part of.


The third band, Frank & Beans, created a tangible buzz around the venue. Even before they appeared I overheard snippets of conversation stating ‘they’re so good’ or ‘everyone says they’re amazing’. So my expectations were high – and fortunately – they were totally justified. A minefield of catchy riffs, angsty drums, and punchy vocals put me in mind of Listener mixed with Royal Blood. Having the guts to play a whole minute of the same riff and then say ‘thanks’ at the end explains this band perfectly – unapologetic art school kids who make music for the love of it.


Wild Cat Strike were the final band of the evening and it was clear that they have a complete understanding of their craft. Justifiably self-confident and refined in their writing; the innocent feel of the vocals complimented the trippy guitars, whilst the rhythm section held everything together. Choral vocals are something I love and these guys did it so tastefully.


The evening was a huge success and the smiles on the faces of the promoters confirmed this. Ten Tonne were consistently bright and cheerful, giving the evening an added lift. It was great to watch their evening run so smoothly and I urge all of you to go to the next event.

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Lucy Evers

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