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25th January 2017

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With 21 bands already on his roster, BIMM Manchester student Sam Broadbent has been developing his own successful Management and Promotions business.

Introduce yourself

My name is Sam Broadbent and I own and independently run SMB Management & Promotion. SMB is a business that deals with artist management, events of all sizes, and tours around the UK.

What prompted you to set up SMB Promotions?

I established the business in 2012 while I was at college in Scunthorpe, mainly as a little project for any band I got into at the time. Being a huge music fan, I loved going to gigs, playing in bands, and listening to new music. After college I was very lucky to land a job as Radio Manager at Legacy Radio; this was a blessing because it opened up many doors in the independent music community.  The role also gave me experience in running events and dealing with regular organisation. I took SMB to the next level while I was still working at the radio station by taking on my first band, running my first independent gig in Scunthorpe, and starting to research about music business from home.

Who was your first signing?

My first role as Artist Manager came quite early on; a friend came into the radio station for an interview on a show I had promoting unsigned bands, we talked about the band and played their debut track on air (which was also the first time I’d heard it). The track blew me away and I knew I had to do something with this band other than just play them on my show.  I did a lot of research, asked a lot of questions of friends in the industry and decided to take the plunge and manage my first band. They were called Recruits (now sadly no longer together) but they became a huge part of my life in terms of making me realise the do’s and don’ts of management and tours.

How has your business grown?

After 4 years (3 years as an official business) I’m happy to say there’s growth every year. The 1st year was mainly learning, the 2nd I took on my first band and promoted small events, the 3rd saw a lot of success in terms of signings, bigger events, tours, and a move to Manchester.  And finally the 4th year allowed for another fantastic artist signing, more opportunities, and the biggest contact base I’ve had so far. My favourite moment so far has to be Years Young’s inclusion in Kerrang! Magazine, purely because it used to be my bible for music and really inspired me to do something in music.

Is SMB genre specific?

No, SMB never has or ever will be genre specific. Talent comes in all forms; if it sounds honest, genuine and comes from a hard working artist, I’m there.

What advice would you give to others who want to do what you’ve done?

Dreams don’t work unless you do. Develop a contact base, work on your people skills, learn things you might think you’ll never need to know but most importantly enjoy it and never let anyone tell you it’s impossible. It’s not impossible.




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